Maumee Ohio

Brand New Lights!

Brand New Lights!

We recently took delivery of the test model of our new RGBAW+UV fixtures that we’ll be using to phase out our old RGBA lights. We asked the company to ship us this first individual unit so we could play with it and make sure we liked the lights before ordering them en masse.

Wow. Yeah, we like them.

Despite having two additional LED colors (white and UV) which I’ll talk about in a second, these new fixtures are an incredible 400% brighter than our old units. 400%. As in, it takes 4 of the old lights to outshine 1 of these new ones. The difference is staggering. Just the one light by itself is so bright it flooded out our test area- we had to find a bigger room to try out different beam angles and wash positions. That’s a good thing. It allows us to light larger venues with the same number of devices.

So, they’re really, really bright. That’s awesome. But the main thing that struck me is the increased vividness of the colors that the UV LED provides. Adding the “black” UV component to basic colors like red, blue, and green creates incredible forms of pink, cyan, orange, and purple that we’ve never had access to. They look straight up radioactive- it’s awesome.  We’ve only played with mixing these colors a little bit, and it’s already clear that we will be able to produce a far greater range of colors than ever before.

Which means all those brides out there who choose colors like highlighter yellow and melt-your-eyeballs pink are in luck- we’ve got the power.

That’s it for now, but I’m super interested in how adding the black light makes these colors pop so much… I’m going to research it and see what science has to say about it. Stay tuned.