Maumee Ohio

Bridal Shows and Showing Off

Bridal Shows and Showing Off

One of the coolest things about our uplighting is that no matter where we are, people walk by our booth with their jaws-a-hanging. We’ve done two bridal shows so far this year, (One at the Premiere and one at the Pinnacle, both in Maumee) and have one more to go – Febuary 15th at Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids Ohio.

Here are some interesting things we noticed at the shows:

  • Even people who had never heard of uplighting gravitated towards our booth. It was so striking that even in  a sea of wedding sharks vendors, people would stop and talk to us without any prompting.
  • Speaking of vendors, it seems we had almost as many vendors interested in us as brides! Especially outdoor venues and DJs – when they learned our event lighting is completely wireless, they seemed really interested. When we told them we handle set up and programming, they were very happy!
  • It seems like we were the only ones the grooms were also interested in! (Besides the food tables of course – we were pretty close to City BBQ, that’s not even fair) It was one of the first times in my experience in the wedding industry that the grooms asked more questions than the bride.
  • Older people definitely don’t get it. They kind of roll their eyes and make remarks about how much things have changed. Then they learn the price and realize how big of an impact uplighting makes for the price in comparison with other services. Then they were all for it!

We also got to do a pretty cool new concept called a bridal panel. There were 8 or 9 vendors from different aspects of the industry, and instead of trying to sell our services, we just got to talk about what we do! That may not be a big distinction to many, but trust me, it made a huge difference. Since there wasn’t any pressure on the brides to purchase/book our services, they got to ask questions they might not have before. It was also nice because we got to give tips to brides about our various types of services that are useful even if you don’t use us.