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Something that just drives me crazy

Oh my gosh. Listen, I think it’s cool when DJs offer uplighting as part of their packages. The more popular uplighting is in Toledo, Maumee & Perrysburg, the more business we get, too! Here’s the issue: When a DJ offers “uplighting.” As in you can have 8 or 10 uplights. Total. Ugh. First of all,…
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Bridal Shows and Showing Off

One of the coolest things about our uplighting is that no matter where we are, people walk by our booth with their jaws-a-hanging. We’ve done two bridal shows so far this year, (One at the Premiere and one at the Pinnacle, both in Maumee) and have one more to go – Febuary 15th at Nazareth…
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Brand New Lights!

We recently took delivery of the test model of our new RGBAW+UV fixtures that we’ll be using to phase out our old RGBA lights. We asked the company to ship us this first individual unit so we could play with it and make sure we liked the lights before ordering them en masse. Wow. Yeah,…
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Why use Ambient Effects?

A question we get regularly is “Why use Ambient Effects for my uplighting in Toledo  instead of my DJ/hall/renting them myself?” The question isn’t that complicated, and while there are a few different reasons, the answers are easy too. #1 – Our lights are better than theirs. Simply put, we put a lot of time,…
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Bridal Show!

Hey everyone! We’re at the U & I bridal Show right now, and we’re secretly updating this from the show thanks to the wireless network at the College 😉 I just realized we don’t have a link to our facebook on here, so here it is:   I also wanted to repost the slide…
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Let’s Talk Lighting

A lot of people don’t know anything about event lighting, especially in the Toledo area. And although the trend of uplighting and architectural lighting at parties is a growing craze in places like L.A., New York, and Chicago, many people still give us funny looks when we say we own an event lighting company. Some…
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Kelsey and Joel’s Wedding

Over this past weekend, we provided some uplighting for Kelsey and Joel’s wedding. Their main color was purple, which is one of the hardest colors to recreate with light, but it looked great, if I do say so myself.  They are close friends of ours, and it was a lot of fun! Hopefully we can…
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Play Pacman – why? because it’s awesome Arcade Games

Ambient Effects goes live!

Welcome to Ambient Effects event lighting and design! Feel free to take a look around our site, and let us know if you have any questions – all you have to do is ask 🙂 Please remember this is our Beta test site, and it will be more polished with pictures and video later on!

Why light is just… cool

In our quest to constantly better ourselves, we are always researching. Here are some of the things I have come across that I think is just cool. Why the sky is blue John Tyndall, a clever scientist who succeeded Michael Faraday as director of the Royal Institution in 1867, first discovered why the sky is…
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