Maumee Ohio

Something that just drives me crazy

Something that just drives me crazy

Oh my gosh. Listen, I think it’s cool when DJs offer uplighting as part of their packages. The more popular uplighting is in Toledo, Maumee & Perrysburg, the more business we get, too!

Here’s the issue: When a DJ offers “uplighting.” As in you can have 8 or 10 uplights. Total.


First of all, unless you are strategically placing the uplights, and have enough experience to know where they should go, (like our beauty package) 8 or 10 lights is just not enough for most spaces. If your hall holds 50 people, that may be enough. A lot of the time they will just toss the lights along one wall, not even hide the cords, and have them all uneven and ugly. Sometimes they’ll even use the giant old fashioned ones that get really hot, creating a possible safety hazard. Others will use the cheapest led uplights they can buy/rent, and they are hardly bright enough to see unless the hall is almost completely dark.

When they do that, it really gives uplighting a bad name! It’s all about the impact, the wow factor when your guests walk in. We don’t charge by the light – we use the right amount of lights to accent your hall in the most stunning way possible.