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Why use Ambient Effects?

Why use Ambient Effects?

A question we get regularly is “Why use Ambient Effects for my uplighting in Toledo  instead of my DJ/hall/renting them myself?”

The question isn’t that complicated, and while there are a few different reasons, the answers are easy too.

#1 – Our lights are better than theirs. Simply put, we put a lot of time, effort, and research into the lighting equipment we use. We even work directly with the manufacturer of our lights! Our LED uplighting is generally 2-3 times brighter than 90% of what’s out there in the Toledo area. That means your event doesn’t have to be dim and dark just to see your uplighting.

#2 – We don’t just set and forget our lights. For all events that we service, a lighting design specialist installs and monitors the lighting equipment for the duration of the event. Your event lighting design specialist will even change and control the lighting of your event to match the mood of your guests! After all, who wants a strobe light during a slow song?

3# All we do is lighting. Our uplighting services are not an add-on or an afterthought; lighting is literally all we do! Our dance floor lighting is as advanced, modern, and visually striking as what is found in many high-end night clubs. We research and educate ourselves on a daily basis on all aspects of event lighting and uplighting. We strive to set ourselves apart by offering the highest quality event lighting in the Toledo area.

So when you are considering what tone you want your party to set, remember – just any lighting won’t work. Get the best and (literally) the brightest!